motorbike helmet hanoi old quarter

Huyen Anh Plastic Co., Ltd is a leading company in wholesale distribution of helmets and 
household plastic goods. to meet the call of the Vietnam National Safety Committee.
 In order to ensure the safety of people when participating in traffic, 
now our company has opened 3 main shops selling helmets, ensuring the safety of the first place for people. 
Customers are assured when you come to us you will choose one or more good hats, 
safe for you and for your loved ones. Please come to Huyen, you will feel secure because of the enthusiasm for customers 
we guarantee 100% safe quality ... safe and secure ... 
.. to increase peace of mind with customers and hat users insurance. we always put human safety first.
 and the company imported branded hats that were trusted and tested by 120 countries such as lonnghuei
 ANDES, ZEUS, SUNDA products. - HJC KOREA.- AGV -. INDEX. - SNELL. - GXT. - GRS - LS2. 
Thank you for your trust and love.

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