helmet in hanoi 102D sunda


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4,500,000 VNĐ 400,000 VNĐ
Mã: 102b sunda.
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Premium 3-Piece Premium Coat (Multi-Color) Everest 4 Colors: Black, Abrasive, Gray

We take the motto of protecting safety, health of consumers as the leading, Everest Fashion Co., we always improve the technology, bringing modern advanced technology into the process to reduce the Maximum cost of production and hence the cost will also be reduced, giving the user a standard helmet that is affordable.

Technical Specification Helmet, Helmet:

    Cone cones: made from ABS plastic (branded Sam Sung, imported from Korea) with strong impact and high piercing, unused pure plastics, used For high safety standard medical equipment enclosures, pharmaceuticals, environmentally friendly.
    Styrofoam foam padding has the following features: thick internal foam, firm surface, fits snugly and firmly to the body, which is highly absorbent.
    Sturdy strap, high security lock.
    Paint: painted with modern technology, bright surface, shiny, smooth, no color.
    Closed production line, advanced production technology, CNC machine, plastic injection machine imported from Japan.
    Tested for durability and quality before shipment.

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